ELAG 2007: 31st Library System Seminar

European Library Automation Group (ELAG)

Proceedings of the 31st Library System Seminar: ELAG 2007: Library 2.0

University of Barcelona, 9-11 May 2007
Edited by Paula Goossens


Dear ELAG members,


It is my great pleasure to invite you to 31st ELAG Library Systems Seminar, devoted to "Library 2.0". Lluís Anglada, Director of the Consorci de Biblioteques Universitàries de Catalunya, invites us to hold our yearly meeting at the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585).

Please find the up-to-date news on the conference on the ELAG 2007 Web site at: http://elag2007.upf.edu/

Please find the information about the registration formalities and about the preparation of the progress reports, workshops and papers in the appendix to this letter: How to prepare your participation to the ELAG 2007 meeting.

The Board meeting, to which all those who want to contribute to the planning of the future activities of ELAG are cordially invited, will take place on Tuesday 8 May at 15h.

My I ask your attention for the fact that the organisers, the colleagues in Barcelona and myself, should greatly appreciate the participants to respect all dates in preparing the meeting, as indicated in How to prepare your participation...

The registration fee is 30 €. There is a conference dinner organized on Thursday 10 May, which costs 30€. Please join the colleagues and register for it. Also tell us what libraries you should like to visit.

Please remark that a poster announcing the ELAG 2007 meeting is available on the website for further publicity.

On the Web you also find information for low cost residences.
We expect a great number of participants and count on your fair co-operation in the administrative preparation of the meeting.


I look forward to meeting you in May in Barcelona,


Paula Goossens
President of ELAG









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